Food & Business Knowledge Platform launches website

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) has launched its new website on March 25, 2014.
The F&BKP has the ambition to become the gateway to knowledge for food and nutrition security. The Platform will be the place to go for networks that are willing to share knowledge, experience and innovative solutions in order to strengthen daily practices.

This website is an important tool for the networks collaborating within the F&BKP to realise their aims. Platform members can define the knowledge agenda and disclose, share, and deepen and validate existing knowledge on food and nutrition security together with others. As such, the website will have an important role to play in making knowledge work for practice and policy. The Platform has just started to operate and therefore the information on the website is still limited.

Under the heading About, information is already available on the objectives of the F&BKP, the organisational structure, the approach and the funding instruments. Knowledge Agenda describes the setup and status of the agenda. Furthermore, under the heading Themes, preliminary information is presented on the themes we have initially selected: Nutrition Security, Food Wastage and Partnerships. The launch of this new website is the beginning of a growth process to maturity. The Platform’s activities will intensify in the short term and relevant information on the website will therefore grow rapidly.


Date of publishing: 25-03-14

About this knowledge platform

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform aims to strengthen knowledge-sharing, research and innovation in the field of food and nutrition security. Nearly one-eighth of the world’s population suffers from chronic hunger and, with that population projected to reach nine billion in 2050, the secure supply of affordable and good quality food is a growing challenge.


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