Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies

INCLUDE, the Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies aims to facilitate a better understanding of how to make growth and development in Africa more inclusive. High growth figures in many African countries have not yet led to sufficient employment growth and poverty reduction. By developing a focused research and knowledge agenda, the Platform contributes to understanding why this is the case in order to establish more knowledge and evidence-based development policies.

Mission of INCLUDE

The Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies was established in June 2012. In the Knowledge Platform researchers from the Netherlands and African developing countries work together with the private sector, NGOs and government. At the first meeting, the Platform agreed on its overarching theme: Making Development in Africa More Inclusive. The Platform aims to expand its knowledge network and activities for sharing knowledge on inclusive development in Africa. Its members emphasize that there is already a wealth of knowledge; the challenge is to make that knowledge ‘work’ for policy-makers and practitioners.

Knowledge Agenda of INCLUDE

While most African countries have registered high growth in the last decade, this does not yet translate sufficiently in poverty reduction. Productive employment is the key to ensure that vulnerable and poor groups, especially young people