Members of the Knowledge Platform on Development Policies


1.   Mr William Lyakurwa
Former Executive Director AERC (African Economic Research Consortium, Kenya)
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2.   Mr Yaw Ansu
Chief Economist ACET (African Center for Economic Transformation, Ghana)
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3.   Ms Sarah Ssewanyana
Executive Director EPRC (Economic Policy Research Centre, Uganda)
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4.   Mr Assefa Admassie
Director EEA (Ethiopian Economic Association, Ethiopia)
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5.   Ms Fatoumata Lamarana Diallo
CRES (Consortium pour la Recherche Economique e Sociale, Senegal)
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6.   Mr Ebrima Sall
Executive Secretary CODESRIA (Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, Senegal)
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7.   Mr Morrison Rwakakamba
Special Presidential Assistant in charge of Research and Information (Head of Unit), Office of the President, Kampala/ CEO at Agency for Transformation, Uganda.
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8.   Mr Basil Jones
Assistant to the Chief Economist, African Development Bank.
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9.   Mr Lemma Senbet
Executive Director AERC, (African Economic Research Consortium, Kenya)
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10.       Ms Sara Ruto
Head Regional Office Uwezo, Kenya
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11.       Mr. Désiré Assogbavi
Head of Oxfam International Liaison Office with the African Union
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12.       Mrs. Maggie Kigozi
Fellow of the African Leadership Initiative of the Aspen Institute
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13.       Mr Rolph van der Hoeven
ISS (Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands)
Email address:HOEVEN@ISS.NL
14.       Mr Ton Dietz
Director ASC (African Studies Centre, Netherlands)
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15.       Mr Paul Engel
Director ECDPM (European Centre for Development Policy Management, Netherlands)
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16.       Mr Erwin Bulte
Prof Development Economics Wageningen University
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17.       Mr Dennis Arends
Teammanager Programs UNICEF NL
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18.       Ms Monika Sie
Wiardi Beckman Foundation
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19.       Mr Ton Meijers
Oxfam/Novib (NGO Netherlands)
Email address:
20.       Ms Josine Stremmelaar
Hivos (NGO Netherlands)
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21.       Mr Roel van der Veen
Senior Academic Adviser (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands)
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22.       Private sector: to be decided

Steering group

1.   Mr Rob Bijl (Chair)
Deputy Director SCP (The Netherlands Institute for Social Research)
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2.   Mr Paschal Mihyo
Executive Director OSSREA (Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa)
Email address: or
3.   Ms I.S.A. Baud
Director Governance and Inclusive Development programme University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and President European Association of Development and raining Institutes (EADI).
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4.   Mr Michael Stibbe
Director Sub-Sahara Africa Department (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands)
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5.   Mr Nicholas Awortwi
Director Research PASGR (Partnership for African Social and Governance Research)
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6.   Margriet Kuster
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Ms Marleen Dekker, Coordinator, Africa Studies Centre,
Email address:
Ms Karin Nijenhuis, Knowledge Manager, Africa Studies Centre
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Mr Witness Simbanegavi, Knowledge Manager, AERC.
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Mr Peter van Bergeijk, Knowledge Manager, Institute of Social Studies.
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Ms Danielle de Winter, Knowledge Manager,The Broker.
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Date of publishing: 07-05-14

About this knowledge platform

INCLUDE, the Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies, aims to facilitate a better understanding of how to make growth and development in Africa more inclusive. High growth figures in many African countries have not yet led to sufficient employment growth and poverty reduction. By developing a focused research and knowledge agenda, the Platform contributes to understanding why this is the case in order to establish more knowledge and evidence-based development policies.