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The future of Yemen is in peril, particularly for young people. Join us on 2 November together with Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the Youth Leadership Development Foundation to design idea

The future of Yemen is jeopardized if something does not change. A generation of children, young men and women have limited access to education and are lacking proper education. More than 1,600 schools remained closed in Yemen due to conflict-related damages (OCHA).

The Saxion Majlis

Saxion University of Applied Sciences is working with Youth Leadership Development Foundation to deliver education in Yemen. We are faced with the challenges of limited travel, insecurity, border closures, and staff turnover.

Help us on the 2nd of November to design ideas for sustainable impact of  (blended learning) education and training arrangements which will empower people & NGO’s in a fragile context. Let’s join forces for change.

Your contribution to continue empowerment trough education in vulnerable parts of the world is of great value. We hope you save the date. A detailed program will follow.

Date of publishing: 01-11-17

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