Understanding the links between gender, conflict and peace in Myanmar, Yemen and Libya

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The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law, on behalf of Saferworld, would like to invite you to an informal discussion to share research findings and reflections produced under its project ‘Understanding the links between masculinities, femininities, conflict and peace’. The project – funded by Oxfam Novib – was implemented in Myanmar, Libya and Yemen.

In Myanmar, the research aimed to increase understanding of the gender dimensions of land conflicts and to identify programming entry points to address land conflicts in a gender-sensitive manner. This is of particular interest to Saferworld’s programming on community security and Oxfam’s work on justice mechanisms in Myanmar. The research examined the key characteristics of rural masculinities and femininities and how gender relations, roles and norms shape men’s and women’s access to and relationship with land, including vulnerabilities and resilience in the face of land-related conflict. The findings we will share will also shed light on the ways in which land conflicts impact on masculinities and femininities and the roles that men and women play in trying to resolve these disputes.

The Yemen and Libya activities were implemented in partnership with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), and consisted of working with women’s rights groups and women-focused CSOs from Yemen (with Oxfam and WILPF) and Libya (with WILPF) to conduct a participatory, gender-sensitive conflict analysis using Saferworld’s Gender Analysis of Conflict Toolkit and our light-touch systems analysis of conflict in an integrated methodology. During our discussion, we will share conclusions from the emerging evidence on the links between gender norms, conflict and peacebuilding processes in these two contexts; reflections on the process of applying an integrated gender and conflict analysis methodology with women’s rights organisations; and recommendations for how such work could be supported in future.


The discussion will run from 10:00-12:00. A program agenda can be found here.


For this event, registration is required, and seats are limited. If you wish to attend, please RSVP by Nov. 29th by sending a message to : m.price@kpsrl.org 

Date of publishing: 03-12-17

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