Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law

The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law aims to promote knowledge exchange and to identify, define and answer research questions with the aim of underpinning Dutch development policy in fragile and conflict affected settings and its implementation more adequately; thereby contributing to its effectiveness. It does so by convening an international network of the most qualified practitioners, policy-makers, academics and business, online and offline. The keywords in this endeavor are demand-oriented, problem-oriented, multidisciplinary and high-quality content grounded in practice and designed for impact.

Online Platform

The aim of the Online Platform is to help disseminate knowledge and establish active knowledge networks. On its website, you can share global insights and expertise on security and rule of law in online debates, open and closed communities and find the latest data and publications in the field. The website provides a gateway to the data and publications shared online. The website also offers an up-to-date overview of events in the field.

To fully make use of the Online Platform, you can register and create your personal account, which enables you to stay up to date, to connect with international peers and to participate in debates and to increase your professional visibility.

An interactive map visualizes all these different sources of information, your professional profile and that of other users.


Participation in the Knowledge Platform is open to representatives of social, academic, private and governmental organizations in the area of security and rule of law from around the world. Any individual or organization motivated to become involved and to share their knowledge and experience in this field with colleagues is welcome to join and can contact the Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform through its website or by e-mail:

Steering Group

The Knowledge Platform has a Steering Group composed of representatives of civil society organizations, knowledge institutions and government. The Steering Group is responsible for ensuring compliance with agreements made within the Platform. It establishes the knowledge agenda of the Platform and ensures it is in line with international developments. It establishes the rules of operation and the annual plans of the Platform, takes decisions on thematic foci and research agenda of the Platform and it advises the tender organization NWO-WOTRO.