Meeting of Steering Committee of the Knowledge Platform for Water on Development on 7 February 2014

On the 7th February 2014, the Steering Committee of the Knowledge Platform on Water for Development has had a meeting in order to determine the scope of the platform. During this meeting, the committee discussed topics such as which focus countries to include in this project or how to establish the research agenda through co-creation.

The Knowledge Platform on Water for Development aims to strengthen knowledge-sharing and cooperation between organizations on water-related themes, including sustainability, climate issues, gender and good governance and to promote incorporation of available and newly developed knowledge. This new knowledge should be collected through active co-creation and crowd-sourcing to assure that the platform is demand-driven. This is an innovative approach and therefore needs to be discussed during the meeting on the 7th of February.

The meeting has taken place in the Rode Olifant Building of Spaces.


Rode Olifant

Zuid-Hollandlaan 7

2596 AL The Hague


Any organization or individual interested in becoming involved in de Knowledge Platform on Water for Development is welcome to contact the Secretariat at UNESCO-IHE: Titia Wouters, Programme Manager Knowledge Platform on Water for Development (, +31 (0)15 2152334, +31 (0)6 10854922)

Date of publishing: 22-01-14

About this knowledge platform

VIA Water is a programme that aims to identify innovative solutions for water problems facing cities in seven African countries: Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda and South Sudan. These countries are priorities within Dutch overseas development policy. After consultations with the water sector, the original Knowlegde Platform Water for Development was transferred into a valorisation- and innovation programme.


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