The Dutch Knowledge Platforms

Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law

The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (the Platform) aims to jointly explore innovative approaches to emerging challenges in the field of security and rule of law in fragile and conflict affected contexts.

Share-net Netherlands

Share-Net Netherlands is one of the country hubs of Share-Net International. The platform aims to strengthen linkages between actors and fields through sharing, generating, and promoting the use of knowledge in Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights policies and practices.


KUNO is the Platform for Humanitarian Knowledge Exchange in the Netherlands. Tis space facilitates knowledge sharing and reflection. In this way, KUNO helps the Dutch humanitarian sector to innovate and jointly meet challenges of the future.


The INCLUDE Knowledge Platform is a Dutch-African platform that promotes evidence-based policymaking on inclusive development in Africa through research, knowledge sharing and policy dialogue.

Netherlands Food Partnership

The Netherlands Food Partnership is the successor of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform. NFP connects people and supports agri-food initiatives to make food systems more economically, socially and environmentally viable.

Recent News

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Theory of Change Academy

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