1.   Mr William Lyakurwa
Former Executive Director AERC (African Economic Research Consortium, Kenya)
Email address:
2.   Mr Yaw Ansu
Chief Economist ACET (African Center for Economic Transformation, Ghana)
Email address:
3.   Ms Sarah Ssewanyana
Executive Director EPRC (Economic Policy Research Centre, Uganda)
Email address:
4.   Mr Assefa Admassie
Director EEA (Ethiopian Economic Association, Ethiopia)
Email address:
5.   Ms Fatoumata Lamarana Diallo
CRES (Consortium pour la Recherche Economique e Sociale, Senegal)
Email address: +
6.   Mr Ebrima Sall
Executive Secretary CODESRIA (Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, Senegal)
Email address: +
7.   Mr Morrison Rwakakamba
Special Presidential Assistant in charge of Research and Information (Head of Unit), Office of the President, Kampala/ CEO at Agency for Transformation, Uganda.
Email address:
8.   Mr Basil Jones
Assistant to the Chief Economist, African Development Bank.
Email address:
9.   Mr Lemma Senbet
Executive Director AERC, (African Economic Research Consortium, Kenya)
Email address:
10.       Ms Sara Ruto
Head Regional Office Uwezo, Kenya
Email address:
11.       Mr. Désiré Assogbavi
Head of Oxfam International Liaison Office with the African Union
Email address: 
12.       Mrs. Maggie Kigozi
Fellow of the African Leadership Initiative of the Aspen Institute
Email address:
13.       Mr Rolph van der Hoeven
ISS (Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands)
Email address:HOEVEN@ISS.NL
14.       Mr Ton Dietz
Director ASC (African Studies Centre, Netherlands)
Email address:
15.       Mr Paul Engel
Director ECDPM (European Centre for Development Policy Management, Netherlands)
Email address:
16.       Mr Erwin Bulte
Prof Development Economics Wageningen University
Email address:
17.       Mr Dennis Arends
Teammanager Programs UNICEF NL
Email address:
18.       Ms Monika Sie
Wiardi Beckman Foundation
Email address:
19.       Mr Ton Meijers
Oxfam/Novib (NGO Netherlands)
Email address:
20.       Ms Josine Stremmelaar
Hivos (NGO Netherlands)
Email address:
21.       Mr Roel van der Veen
Senior Academic Adviser (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands)
Email address:
22.       Private sector: to be decided

Steering group

1.   Mr Rob Bijl (Chair)
Deputy Director SCP (The Netherlands Institute for Social Research)
Email address: 
2.   Mr Paschal Mihyo
Executive Director OSSREA (Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa)
Email address: or
3.   Ms I.S.A. Baud
Director Governance and Inclusive Development programme University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and President European Association of Development and raining Institutes (EADI).
Email address:
4.   Mr Michael Stibbe
Director Sub-Sahara Africa Department (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands)
Email +
5.   Mr Nicholas Awortwi
Director Research PASGR (Partnership for African Social and Governance Research)
Email address:
6.   Margriet Kuster
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Email address:


Ms Marleen Dekker, Coordinator, Africa Studies Centre,
Email address:
Ms Karin Nijenhuis, Knowledge Manager, Africa Studies Centre
Email address:
Mr Witness Simbanegavi, Knowledge Manager, AERC.
Email address:
Mr Peter van Bergeijk, Knowledge Manager, Institute of Social Studies.
Email address:
Ms Danielle de Winter, Knowledge Manager,The Broker.
Email address:


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