To implement their knowledge and research agenda, all five Knowledge Platforms collaborate with WOTRO Science for Global Development. WOTRO, a division of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), facilitates and monitors research on global issues, with a focus on sustainable development and poverty reduction.

In close consultation with the platforms, WOTRO translates their knowledge and research agendas into research programmes. Each programme invites academic and non-academic organizations from the Netherlands and other countries to jointly develop research proposals and submit them for funding.

Each call for proposals specifies the themes and questions that the applying research projects should focus on. The calls also indicate conditions for the types of organizations that can apply, the countries where the research must be conducted, the maximum funding that can be applied for, and whether co-funding from other sources is required.

Once proposals have been submitted to WOTRO, they are reviewed by independent scientists and professional experts from around the world. An advisory body then comparatively assesses the quality of all the proposals and ranks them accordingly. The specific composition of the advisory body varies for each call, but they usually consist of an interdisciplinary set of authoritative researchers and senior experts from relevant international organizations. Together, they draft a recommendation for the programme committee for each research programme. This committee ultimately decides which proposals are to be funded. All programme committees consist of representatives of at least the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Knowledge Platform concerned and the scientific community.

The selected proposals receive funding through WOTRO. Summaries of funded projects are published on WOTRO’s website. Once a project has started, WOTRO monitors the progress and quality of the research and, together with the platforms, organizes knowledge-sharing activities.

Currently, four research programmes are running. Each programme consists of multiple funding instruments. Please click on one of the links below for more information:

For more information on WOTRO or NWO, please visit the NOW-WOTRO website.


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