Security & Rule of Law in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings is a research programme developed and managed by NWO-WOTRO, in collaboration with the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law. The programme aims to promote research that contributes to strengthening the knowledge base of security and rule of law policies. It consists of two funding instruments: the Strategic Research Fund and the Applied Research Fund.

SRoL Strategic Research Fund

The SRoL Strategic Research Fund seeks to promote strategic research geared at providing evidence-based policy advice and policy descriptions to development practitioners. The research must be problem-oriented and demand-driven and should be the combined effort of research organisations across the globe including at least one from an LMIC.

SRoL Applied Research Fund

The SRoL Applied Research Fund focuses on applied research, including action research, that addresses the question how the actual implementation of policies in the field of security and rule of law can be improved. The research should be a collaboration between research organisations from across the globe and practitioner organisations based in the LMIC or region whose situation is targeted by the project.

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