In collaboration with the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law, WO=MEN and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are organizing a meeting to gather feedback on the draft of the third Dutch National Action Plan for Security Council Resolution 1325. Signatories and other interested parties are warmly invited to join this meeting and give their input.

Drafting process
This meeting intends to gather all signatories to the Dutch NAP 1325, as well as parties interested to join, to present and discuss the draft version of the 3rd NAP 1325. The meeting will build on recommendations formulated during the Conference ‘Women: Powerful Agents for Peace and Security’ in February, the meeting that kicked off the drafting process in April and several brainstorm sessions with the 1325 signatories. In the months following the kick-off meeting, WO=MEN, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and several signatories have worked on one common framework and a Theory of Change. Based on these documents and the input from the signatories, a draft version of the new NAP will be written and sent to interested parties on August 31. The feedback meeting on September 3 is the last round of feedback in the process, with the ambition to present the final National Action Plan SCR1325 by the end of October.

The feedback meeting will broadly consist of two parts: during the morning, the draft of the new NAP will be presented; during the afternoon, there will be a number of different sessions to discuss different parts of the NAP. The day will be closed with informal drinks. 

More information
For more information, or to become involved in this process, please contact Anne Kwakkenbos, coordinator NAP 1325.


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